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      • 海南汇锋厨具工程有限公司
      • 海南汇锋厨具工程有限公司
      • 海南汇锋厨具工程有限公司
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             “诚实与正直  尊重员工  尽力使客户满意” 是企业的核心思想
             “客户至上  开拓创新  以质取胜  薄利多销”是企业的经营方针
             “树精品意识  创久隆名牌”是企业是不变追求

             Established in 1992 and locating its general headquaters in Haikou CityHainan ProvinceJiulong lndus-try is now a joint-stock group with chain enterprises spreading all over the country which specializes in manu-facturing and marketing hotel wares. Several subsidiariesstock-holding companies and stock-sharing com-panies has been set up in large cities such as Haikou ,Beijing ,ShenzhenTianjin Guangzhou ChaozhouShunde and Nantongetc.
             Jiulong lndustry is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and marketing stainless steel kitchen apparelsctton textiles for hotel and restaurant usetourst hotel wares and restarant ceramincs. Meanwhileit’s also the agent of many world-fsmous manufacturers in China by saling hotel accessories including those of glasswarebar equipmentgold&silver warerefrigerating apparel,Chinese&Western food machine,kitchen wares,buffet equipmentJapanese and Korean  style warelobby equipment cleaning equipmentbanquetfuniture and room furinture in hotel,etc. 
             Oriented to the brandnew modern enteprise system and its uinque cultural philosophyaiming at exist-ing goal Jiulong lndustry is serving its customers in hotel ware markre by firm strides and unremitting spirit. All of its subsidiares have acquired the cerifications of ISO9002 Quality System. And its trademark was  registered in Trademark Department of National lndustrial and Business Administrtion Bereau. Meanwhile as a member of China Hotel lnsitiute and owning a honorable title of”Customer satisfied compay”Jiu long lndustry has become one of the large and stengthen manufacturers and operators in hotel wares industry in China.
             For over 10 years struggleJiulong lndustry has been devoting itself into hotel wares developing and operting ,and accumuating abumdant experiences as well as its power strengthening. Depending on its superior products and perfect after serviceJiulong lndustry has won praise and trust from customers and built up a long-term coperrative relationship with over 1,000 star-leveled domestic and foreign hotels. 
      “Being honest and uprightvaluing staff and making efforts to satisfy customers.” is the core-idea of Jiulong ;
      “Customer service firstdeveloping and  innovatingquality winningsmall profits but quick turnover.” is Jiulong’s operational principle;
             Building up the awareness to create eliteestablishing the famous brand of’Jiulong’.” is the ever-holding pursuit of Jiulogn lndustry.

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